DRDO Internship | How to Apply for Internship in DRDO for CSE/ECE/EEE/ME Engineering Students

DRDO internship is important for CS/ECE/EEE/ME engineering students for practical knowledge. This an internship is for 2nd and 3rd-year students for different college and universities. DRDO internship plays an important role to get the practical understanding of the subject and to get the work experience from the respective DRDO scientist.

In many colleges and universities, it is mandatory to do an internship for 2,3 or 6 months. It varies according to the colleges and universities.

Many government organizations, private companies, institutes provide internships for engineering students.

So here we are going to discuss DRDO internship, how to apply, eligibility and other related points to consider while applying for DRDO internship. There are different DRDO Labs in India where you can apply for the internship.

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  • DRDO eligibility criteria for Summer Internship/Training? From where I will get the application form? What is the duration of training?

About DRDO

Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) works under Department of Research and Development of Ministry of Defense. It works towards the designing and development of world class weapon systems and equipment as per the requirements laid down by the services.

Fields of DRDO Internship

DRDO is the largest and most diverse research organization of India. The organization includes approx 5,000 scientists belonging to the Defence Research & Development Service (DRDS) and about 25,000 other scientific, technical and support persons.

DRDO has a network of 52 laboratories, developing defense technologies covering various fields :

  • ¬†Advanced computing
  • Aeronautics
  • Armaments
  • Combat
  • Electronics
  • Naval System
  • Simulation and life science
  • Vehicle

DRDO has achieved many successes since its establishment in developing critical technologies such as aircraft avionics, UAVs, small arms, artillery systems, EW Systems, tanks and armored vehicles, sonar systems, command and control systems and missile systems.
DRDO contributes to building a secure nation and it has been successfully functioned to benefit the society.

How to Apply to get DRDO Internship

DRDO internship like a dream for every engineering student to get an internship. Many people say that DRDO prefers IIT/NIT or big institute students for an internship but that is a myth.
Any engineering student can apply for DRDO internship and you have to qualify interview to get an internship in DRDO.
We have mentioned some points to consider while drafting your resume/CV for the internship.

Make Sure You Have CV/Resume and Cover Letter Before Applying to DRDO

Your CV should be good enough and mention the following points.

  • Objective or Purpose of the Internship
  • Academic Details
  • Extra-Curricular Achievements
  • Corresponding Address
  • Contact Details
  • Valid Mail Id
  • Write Cover Letter

Cover Letter – Key Points to Remember

  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Clear subject line
  • Mention your contact details in the signature of your email
  • Reference details

Procedure to Apply at DRDO

  • Write a letter to the specific department’s DRDO Lab Director. Training letter should be signed by your college, University HOD (Head of Department) or Dean and send it through FAX or email.
  • The student must be good in their academic records without any criminal record filed against them. If the students apply in a group then it will be much better because they are looking for top 8 to 9 students from a particular stream.
  • Try to highlight your skills and mention the research papers written or Presented.
  • After applying for the internship, You will get a response within 1 month from the DRDO Lab Director.

DRDO Internship Eligibility

DRDO internship offers training programs for 2nd or 3rd-year students. Now, we will see the other eligibility criteria for students.

  • 19-27 years age
  • Appearing in 3rd or 4th year of graduation
  • Secured 60% marks in the previous year of graduation
  • Citizen of India

DRDO Internship Application Form

You have to be quick if you are applying for the internship in DRDO. Forms will be available right from the first week of the March. So, Find your referee in the DRDO or visit labs for the forms.

DRDO Internship Duration

We all know the summer internships varies according to the colleges and universities. Some may allow doing an internship for 2, 3 or 6 months. DRDO offers minimum 2 months internship/training program. They have 3 and 6 months internship also.


DRDO assigns project during the training/internship. Based on the performance, you will be given a certificate for successful completion of the internship.

Career at DRDO

You can try for job opportunities in DRDO after successfully completing your internship.
You may be hired by DRDO after your written and interview. You may get priority over other students as you have done training from DRDO
These are the post you can apply at DRDO.

  • Administration & Allied official
  • Research Fellow Men
  • Scientist
  • Technical Staff
  • Student trainer and other project managers

Students Experience at DRDO

“The interview panel were scientists and they asked me general technical questions from my field (Electronics and
Communication). I don’t remember the exact questions but first They asked me about my introduction and favorite subjects. Read More –¬†Jasleen Kaur