Robotics Workshop for School Students in Jaipur

MaxPhi is best in delivering the robotics workshops for school students. We have different workshop modules for school kids and elementary level of school students. The workshop will be fully interactive and fun learning.

Why robotics workshop for school students is important?

Nowadays technological advancement is at the peak in all segments like computer programming, electronics, electrical, mechanical and other branches of engineering. And to develop the interest of students towards these technologies. Robotics is only a single way.

Because we know that robotics is combinations of different technologies like computer programming, electronics circuit designing, electrical and mechanical. And to implement or use these segments we need a good understanding of it.

According to research and observation students understands the concepts of engineering with the help of the robotics easily. Because Robotics a fun learning activity.

So we execute the workshop for school students and make them understand how the things are working together. We have different experiments and basic circuits in the workshops.

Workshops for School Students

We have three workshops Robo Kids, Robo Juniors and Robo Maker. The workshop can be selected based on the age group and interest level of students. The minor change in course content of the robotics workshop is possible.

Robo Kids​

Age Group: 3-6 Yr

Kids get knowledge of electrical components. A hands-on session to know the working of electrical circuits. How electrical circuits works in daily life.

  • No Soldering
  • No Tools
  • Simple Fun Projects
  • Learn While Play

Robo Junior​

Robotics Classes for School Students

Age Group: 7-12 Yr

Kids learn by robotics amazingly. We give hand-on training to basic components for robotics. They learn about DC motors, switches, sensors, LED’s and more.

  • No Soldering
  • No Tools
  • Make own robots
  • Learn to Assemble Robot

Robo Maker​

Age Group: 13-18 Yr

Programming Robots for Kids. Programming is everywhere and a thought of every computer machine. Hands-on training on programmable robot.

  • No Soldering
  • Learn to Program Robots
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • Different Robotics Projects

Benefits of Robotics Workshop for School Students

Kids get to know about:

  • What is robot/robotics?
  • How they are made technically
  • How to design/assemble a basic robot
  • Driving mechanism of robots
  • Use of motors in robotics
  • How to control the motors
  • What are switch and their use in basic robot
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Students will get a passion for robotics

MaxPhi Robotics Services

  • Demo Robotics Workshop
  • Robotics Classes at Your School
  • Deliver Robotics Workshops
  • Robotics Lab Setup and Installation
  • Robotics Event Preparations for Students
  • Organizing Robotics Event
  • Providing Robotics Kits in Bulk
  • Robotics Training for Kids
  • Tie-Up Yearly with nominal charges