Arduino Training in Jaipur

MaxPhi is well known for providing Arduino Training in Jaipur. As we know the Arduino board is very famous opensource prototyping board for making embedded systems, robotics and different electronics projects. To improve the technical skills it is highly recommended by the industry professionals for Arduino Course.

And student having knowledge of this kind of embedded systems board getting benefit in their placement. And this Arduino Training in Jaipur helps to all students from engineering, diploma and professionals background.

This Arduino training program has good course content and projects that help you in making any embedded project. The main aim of this training program is to enrich students technical skills. For that, we have complete hands-on training sessions that include different robotics projects, embedded systems projects, Bluetooth based Arduino projects etc.

Apart from the Arduino based projects, we also involve students in our live project that gives students awesome experience and confidence.

This project-based Arduino training helps students in facing technical interview and also increases their domain knowledge. As embedded systems jobs are increasing our team of experts also assists in making a career in embedded systems.

Arduino Training and Durations
Track Regular Fast
Course Duration 30-45/90/180 Days 10 Days
Hours 2 Hours a Day 4 Hours a Day
Training Mode Live Practical Session Live Practical Session
Who Can Learn B.Tech, BCA, Diploma, B.Sc.(EC) Students B.Tech, BCA, Diploma, B.Sc.(EC) Students

Arduino Training Course Content and Syllabus

Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • What is embedded system?
  • Selection of 8/16/32 bit Architecture
  • Microcontroller Vs Microprocessor
  • 8051 Microcontroller
  • Addressing Modes
  • Interrupts
  • Embedded C
  • Applications of Embedded Systems
Introduction to Arduino
  • What Exactly Is an Arduino?
  • Exploring the Arduino Board
  • Installing the Arduino IDE
  • Compiling and Uploading Programs
  • Working with LED’s
  • Managing Projects and Sketches
  • Changing Preferences
  • Using Serial Ports
Arduino UNO
  • Architecture
  • Arduino Uno 328 pin Mapping
  • Understanding of Input / Output
Arduino Input and Output Programming
  • Take input from the switch or sensor
  • Drive anything from Arduino output
  • Digital I/O:
  • pinMode()
  • digitalWrite()
  • digitalRead()
Arduino Interrupt
  • What is interrupt and when to use it?
  • interrupts()
  • noInterrupts()
  • External Interrupts:
  • attachInterrupt()
  • detachInterrupt()
Display Interfacing with Arduino
Liquid Crystal Display
  • Pin Configurations LCD
  • Arduino LCD Function
  • Display on LCD
  • Arduino LCD Interfacing
  • Display Custom Character and Text
Seven Segment Display
  • Pin Configuration
  • Common Anode Segment
  • Common Cathode Segment
  • Interfacing with Arduino
  • Seven Segment Multiplexing
Analog to Digital Conversion(ADC)
  • Understanding the ADC
  • Analog Sensors and how to deal with it
  • Temperature Sensor Interfacing
  • Analog IR Sensor Interfacing
  • Accelerometer Interfacing
  • Arduino library functions
  • analogReference()
  • analogRead()
  • analogWrite() – PWM
  • Different types of Memories
  • Role of EEPROM
  • read()
  • write()
Communication Protocols
  • What is Serial Communication
  • UART
  • Serial Peripheral Interface – SPI
  • Serial Communication between Arduino
  • Arduino and PC interfacing
Wireless Modules
  • Bluetooth Interfacing
  • GSM Modem Interfacing
  • GPS Module Interfacing
  • TV/IR Remote Decoding and Working
  • Radio Frequency(RF) Module
  • RFID Interfacing
  • Reed Switch
  • Motion Sensor
  • Ultrasound Module
  • Infrared Sensor (IR)
  • Thermistor Interfacing
  • Selection and types of Motors
  • DC Motor
  • H-Bridge (L293D IC)
  • Stepper Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • Understanding PWM
  • Working and Application of Relay
  • Controlling with Arduino
  • Home Appliances Control using Relay

Top Reasons to choose MaxPhi Technologies for Arduino Training in Jaipur

  • Arduino Course content is designed based on current market trends and need
  • All training modules and course content is well distributed in theory and practical
  • Based on student need we customize the course content
  • 9+ year of industry experience trainer
  • We guide students for major project training, minor project training and for interview preparation
  • Well equipped lab to perform all Arduino projects
  • After completion of the course, student can access our lab freely
  • We give full study material include datasheet, programs, circuits, PDF Books,  technical interview questions,  video lecture
  • Huge availability of Hostels near MaxPhi Technologies
  • Course completion certificate
  • Extra classes for poor performing students
  • One to One interaction with each student

Trainer Profile at MaxPhi Technologies, Jaipur for Arduino Training

  • 9+ year experience trainer
  • Trainer who guides for all IIT and NIT Tech Fest
  • Trainer from NIT or equivalent institutes
  • Trainer has good experience of industry projects
  • Good academic qualification
  • Trainer is well updated in their domain

Placement Assistance with Arduino Training in Jaipur

  • We guide students making Resume as per the industry and profile
  • We prepare students for Mock interview, presentation and technical interview
  • We help students getting job and internships at reputed industry

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