5 Arduino Cookbooks Review: Why You Should Read Before Buying

Arduino Cookbooks Review

Are you looking for an Arduino cookbook that helps you in making different advanced Arduino projects easily?

An Arduino cookbook is generally more advanced than the beginner arduino books. So as a user you should find out some key points in the books before buying it like:

  •  Advanced Arduino Projects
  • In-depth Arduino Programming tutorial
  • Covers technology like IOT and wireless, WiFi
  • Good images and Circuits with programming explanation

We make your task easier by reviewing all the book and highlighting the key points of the book.

Arduino Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Arduino Cookbook, 2nd Edition
BY (AUTHOR):  Michael Margolis
Rating: 9

Do you want to interact with the external world using different sensors and arduino. You can make out of this book like toys, detectors, robots, and interactive clothing that can sense and respond to touch, sound, position, heat, and light.

For making all this you could be an artist, designer, hobbyist, student, or engineer.

Key Highlights of The Book:

  • Memory handling
  • Serial Communication
  • Playing with tones
  • Keypad Interfacing
  • RFID interfacing
  • Mouse interfacing
  • Finding location using GPS
  • Interfacing Gyroscope
  • I2C and SPI Protocol
  • PWM Timer and Bootloader
  • Measuring Voltage More than 5V
  • Getting input from Game Console
  • Modifying and Creating Libraries
  • Controlling Google earth using arduino
  • Ethernet Networking And Related Projects
  • Interact with the remote controlled devices like tv
  • Control mouse cursor of computer using arduino
  • Logging Arduino Data to a file on your computer
  • Display on LCD, Graphical LCD and on TV
  • Working with time, Make Real Time Clock and more
  • Motor Control DC, Servo, and Brushed Motor
  • Wireless Communication using Zigbee, Bluetooth and similar 802.15.4
  • Measuring movement, distance, motion, vibration, sound and temperature
  • Remote control Decoding, Hacking Signal, Drive anything with your Remote
  • Interfacing LED, High Power LED, Color Control, Creating Bar Graph, Controlling LED matrix and more

Arduino: A Technical Reference: A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers (In a Nutshell)

Arduino: A Technical Reference: A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers (In a Nutshell)
BY (AUTHOR):   J. M. Hughes
Rating: 7.5

Again its a good book in the category of Arduino cookbooks. If you are working with AVR and want to switch to Arduino programming. It’s a good option to have this book.
Key Highlights of The Book:
  • Arduino Technical Details
  • Life without Arduino IDE
  • How to Program Arduino & AVR
  • Start Learning Arduino with Reference to AVR
  • Brief insights of AVR and its role in Arduino
  • Keypad & Joysticks interfacing
  • Smart Arduino Thermostat Project
  • Arduino Rocket Launcher Case Study
  • Programmable Arduino Signal Generator Project
  • Interact with Wireless, WiFi and Radio Frequency Modules
  • Arduino Shields Overview like Relay, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Zigbee, CAN and more
  • Sensor Interfacing like temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, audio, light, magnetic etc

Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook

Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook
BY (AUTHOR):  Marco Schwartz
Rating: 7

A great book if you are more focused towards making Arduino IOT projects.
You can make awesome projects with your existing Arduino skills by just adding the flavour of IOT.

Key Highlights of The Book:

  • Cloud Data Monitoring
  • Learn to connect arduino with Internet
  • Different Funny IOT Projects
  • Machine-to-Machine Interactions
  • Make Wireless Robot
  • Make Home Automation Projects
  • Monitor & Control Several Arduino
  • Tweet Analog Data Direct From Arduino
  • Facebook wall post using arduino
  • Fingerprint Access Control
  • GPS Tracker and Google Maps
  • Robot with live streaming Camera
  • Complete Home Automation using Single Dashboard
  • Arduino interacting with Web Services Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox

Electronics Cookbook: Practical Electronic Recipes with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Electronics Cookbook: Practical Electronic Recipes with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
BY (AUTHOR):  Simon Monk
Rating: 5.5

This cookbook is for beginners and covers electronics basics also. This book gives good electronics foundation. The level of project and tutorial seems to be for beginner and intermediate user.

Key Highlights of The Book:

  • 9 Chapters totally covers the basics for Arduino programming
  • Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor and Power Supply Basics
  • Solar Power Basics
  • Control High Power Load
  • Interfacing Resistive Sensor
  • Measure Temperature, Light Intensity, Distance & Humidity
  • Controlling DC and Stepper Motor
  • Control LED, Multiple LED, RGB LED, Addressable LED, Graphic & Text on OLED
  • Operational Amplifier
  • Play Sound with Arduino, adding microphone to projects
  • Make FM Transmitter & Receiver and Send Digital signals also
  • Creating PCB
  • How to use LAB Tools

Arduino Development Cookbook

Arduino Development Cookbook

BY (AUTHOR):   Cornel Amariei
Rating: 5

A cookbook lover always looking for good programming and awesome projects. This book doesn’t fit into this category. Having lack of wireless and IOT modules. It could for beginners.

  • Blinking LED
  • Working with Button
  • Temperature, Motion, Distance, Acceleration and Location measuring
  • DC, Stepper and Brushless Motor Control
  • Serial Communication between Arduino’s
  • Software and UART Serial
  • I2C Communication
  • SD Card Interfacing
  • Ethernet Interfacing
  • PWM
  • EEPROM Programming
  • Interrupts


If you want to make practical arduino projects then buying arduino cookbook is a smart decision. If you stuck in specific project or interfacing then you should read the insights of the book to check the topic is available or not.

All listed arduino cookbooks are good for making small to advance arduino projects.

If you think that the books are more advanced and you want to start with the basic. Then you should read our article on best books to learn Arduino programming for beginners.