50+ DRDO Labs | Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chandipur and Chandigarh

There are different DRDO Labs in India. There are some more DRDO labs in India like DRDO Jodhpur, DRDO Agra, DRDO Balasore,  DRDO Mysore, DRDO cochin,  DRDO Nagpur,  DRDO Dehradun, DRDO Chennai, DRDO Gwalior, DRDO Tezpur, DRDO Ambernath and DRDO  Ahmednagar.

Engineering students can apply for DRDO internship at these DRDO labs.

Here is the list of DRDO labs in India

DRDO Delhi | DRDO Labs in Delhi

DRDO Hyderabad | DRDO Labs in Hyderabad

DRDO Chandigarh

DRDO Bangalore | DRDO Labs in Bangalore

DRDO Pune | DRDO Labs in Pune

DRDO Dehradun


DRDO Nasik

DRDO Chennai

DRDO Mysore

DRDO  Haldwani

DRDO Leh Ladakh

DRDO Jodhpur

DRDO Kanpur

DRDO Gwalior

DRDO Tezpur

DRDO Mussoorie

DRDO Ambernath

DRDO Cochin

DRDO  Visakhapatnam

DRDO Balasore

DRDO Ahmednagar

Some Key Points to Know about DRDO

DRDO Headquarter

DRDO headquarter is situated in DRDO Bhavan, New Delhi India.

DRDO RAC | DRDO Recruitment and Assessment Centre

Recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC) simply an organization of DRDO which recruits Scientists in DRDO at different positions. It conducts various examinations like LDCE(Limited Departmental Competitive Examination).

Chairman of DRDO

Avinash Chander is an Indian scientist at DRDO.

  • The Director-General of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  • Secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development.
  • Chander is a recipient of the Padma Shri from the Government of India.
  • He is the chief architect of the Agni series of ballistic missile systems.