MaxPhi delivering the VLSI Training in Jaipur that is very useful for electronics students of engineering and diploma. The training consists of understanding and need of VLSI design in the industry. The training course is well designed to understand the concepts of VLSI design. We are well known for VLSI training in Jaipur because our course includes practical training on FPGA and XILINX Tool.

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is a method of creating integrated circuits(IC) on a silicon wafer. A single IC may consist of thousands to millions of transistor fabricated. This IC may be a processor, microcontroller, microprocessor, RAM or an ASIC. According to Moors law, the number of transistor on the same size silicon surface doubles every 18-24 months.

List of VLSI  Companies in India

  1. ST Micro
  2. Nvidia
  3. Cadence
  4. Qualcomm
  5. Intel
  6. IBM
  7. Xlinix
  8. NXP Semiconductor
  9. Texas Instruments (TI)
  10. AMD
  11. Cisco
  12. ARM
  13. Samsung

VLSI Design Course Syllabus

VLSI and VHDL Introduction
  • VLSI Design Flow
  • VHDL Design Flow
  • Moors Law
  • Applications of FPGA, ASIC and VLSI
Digital Electronics Introduction
  • Introduction of  Basic Gates
  • Universal Gates
  • Combinational Circuits
  • Different Adder and Subtractor
  • Decoder and Multiplexers
Digital Design using VHDL
  • Understanding Entity and Architecture Body
  • Different Architectural Body
  • Structural Style of Modeling
  • Dataflow Style of Modeling
  • Behavioral Style of Modeling
  • Mixed Style of Modeling
Basic Language Elements
  • Identifiers
  • Data Objects
  • Data Types
    • Subtypes
    • Scalar Types
    • Composite Types
    • Access Types
    • Incomplete Types
    • File Types
  • Operators
    • Relational Operators
    • Adding 0perators
    • Multiplying 0perators
    • Miscellaneous Operators
Behavioural Modelling
  • Entity and Architecture
  • Process Statement
  • Signal & Variable Assignment
  • Mux Implementation – IF,Case
  • State Machine Design
 XILINX Tools and FPGA Working
  • Design Flow
  • Xilinx Tool Introduction
  • Understanding RTL & Technology Schematics
  • Role of Placement, Routing & Floor Plan
  • Programming Steps of FPGA
  • BIT file generation
  • FPGA IMPACT programming
Synthesis and Simulation on Xilinx
  • Basic Gates
  • Adders
  • Decoders
  • Multiplexers
  • Comparators
  • Half & Full Adder
  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit
 Design and Implementations
  •  Use and Role of State Machine
  • Implementing Dispenser Machine
  • Decoders
  • ALU
  • Seven Segments

Top Reasons to choose MaxPhi Technologies for VLSI Training in Jaipur

  • VLSI Course content is designed based on current market trends and need
  • All training modules and course content is well distributed in theory and practical
  • Based on student need we customize the course content
  • 9+ year of industry experience trainer
  • We guide students for major project training, minor project training and for interview preparation
  • Well equipped lab to perform all VLSI projects
  • After completion of the course, student can access our lab freely
  • We give full study material include datasheet, programs, circuits, PDF Books,  technical interview questions,  video lecture
  • Huge availability of Hostels near MaxPhi Technologies
  • Course completion certificate
  • Extra classes for poor performing students
  • One to One interaction with each student

Trainer Profile at MaxPhi Technologies, Jaipur for VLSI Training

  • 9+ year experience trainer
  • Trainer who guides for all IIT and NIT Tech Fest
  • Trainer from NIT or equivalent institutes
  • Trainer has good experience of industry projects
  • Good academic qualification
  • Trainer is well updated in their domain

Placement Assistance with VLSI Training in Jaipur

  • We guide students making Resume as per the industry and profile
  • We prepare students for Mock interview, presentation and technical interview
  • We help students getting job and internships at reputed industry

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