Summer Training for ECE Students, Summer Training for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students in Jaipur

MaxPhi is delivering summer training for ECE students for different engineering colleges. The engineering ECE students must go through the summer training or industrial training as it is a part of the curriculum. The main aim of the summer training is to fill the gap between industry and the academic.

As an electronics and communication(ECE) students, the student should know the different technology around their subjects like embedded systems, robotics, VLSI design and PCB design. Because there are different companies in India they are working on these core technologies. So the students who are aware of these fields get more chances to get placed.

And after learning they will easily make their minor and major projects and can participate in different college and national level TechFest. It also helps in facing the technical interview during the placement. Because the majority of the time the technical interviewer ask from the summer training project and college level minor and the major project.

Embedded Systems Training

Embedded Systems Summer Training

You will get awesome experience after taking embedded summer training. You can make project like bluetooth controlled home automation, RFID Door Lock, make call from microcontroller, motion sensor and more amazing projects.

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Robotics Training

Robotics Summer Training

This amazing training gives you understanding of how robotics works. And how to make different cool robots like android controlled robot, accelerometer controlled robot, Remote controlled, Bluetooth controlled robot and voice controlled robot.

Arduino Training

Arduino Summer Training

Lean the world most famous open-source arduino board. Students of most IIT and NIT working on this board. Learn to interface GPS, GSM, Motion Sensor,Reed Switch, Android, EEPROM, SDCard, RF, RFID, IR Remote and Ultrasound based projects.

VLSI Training

VLSI Summer Training

Lean how Integrated Circuits are made, how they are connected. The summer training includes the hardware description language, understanding and programming of FPGA. Also lean the XILINX tool to code and simulate the project.

How the Summer Training for ECE Students run at MaxPhi?

The training goes very practically and focuses to all level of students. The training is perfect balance of theroy and practicals. We explain each concepts by interfacing and practical modules. The student will learn about embedded c programmin, understanding of different microcontroller like 8051, atmega8, atmega16, arduino uno, arduino nano. We also covers different interfacing like GPS, IR, LCD, Accelermeter, Android, Voice Controlled, IR Remote, Wireless Robots and project.

Once student has taken the training they can easily make their minor and major projects by their own. We also help them once training is over.

How to Join Summer Training for ECE Students?

We have limited seat during the summer training. And seats are filled on first come basis. So just register yourself and we mail you the remaining procedure. Call us for any enquiry.

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