DTMF Controlled Home Automation AVR Microcontroller Circuit

DTMF Controlled Home Automation

In this project, we will control the home appliances from the mobile by pressing the keys. For this, we take two mobile. One act as a transmitter and operated by the user by pressing the keys. Second mobile act as a receiver and placed with home appliances with controlling circuitry.

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arduino lm35 temperature sensor with lcd display schematic

LM35 Temperature Sensor Arduino Project

In this tutorial, we are interfacing LM35 temperature sensor with the arduino uno. The temperature may changes with time so we need an analog sensor that converts the temperature into the analog voltage. The analog voltage then converted to digital data so Arduino can process it. Learn what is ADC in arduino before going to this project.

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Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Android Mobile AVR

Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Atmega8

For this project, we have two sections. One is transmitter and second is a receiver. Here transmitter is an android phone and connected with the receiver robot using the bluetooth connection. Android phone already has inbuilt bluetooth. To connect to this android bluetooth, we are using one bluetooth module to the receiver side. We pair both the bluetooth module.

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ultrasound sensor hc sr-04 connection diagram with arduino

Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module HC SR-04

The HC-SR04 is a long range ultrasonic sensor module for measuring the distance or we can also use it for detecting the objects. The range of the ultrasonic sensor is around 2cm to 400cm. The sensor module has an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. Ultrasonic sensor working principle is similar to bats and dolphins.

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Bluetooth Home Automation Circuit using AVR and HC05

Bluetooth Home Automation using AVR Microcontroller

This bluetooth based home appliances control using android phone is developed using the AVR microcontroller. And It will be very interesting if we can control the home appliances through the android phone. Normally we switch ON and OFF the home appliances through the switch. But there are different wireless mode like WiFi, RF, DTMF and Bluetooth to control the home appliances.

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